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T House, Indore

Lively Space

This interior renovation project in Indore was executed with the color-coded theme planned by Deepak + Kavita Design studio, landscape Architects in Indore. As interior designers, we ensured that the old home was converted into a lively space with a bright balance of colors, lighting, elegant furniture, smooth floor that makes a cozy home ambiance meeting a high level of client expectations. This residential interior was completed within the planned schedule.


8 Months





Specious Bedroom
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Luxury Dinning Room
bedroom interior design
Latest Home Design
Redesign old house
Beautiful Art Peices
Colorful Bedroom
bedroom interior design
Attractive Posters
bedroom interior design
Large Windows
Attractive sidelamps
Home designing
For Kids
home interior design in Indore
Colorful Sidelamp
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Colorful Living Room
Living Room Interior Design
Beautiful centerpeice
Living Room Interior Design in Indore
Living Room Interior Design in Indore