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This courtyard house is spread across a plot of 1800 square feet area. Total construction is 5400 square feet including Drawing, Living, Dining, Kitchen, and 5 Bedrooms with a central courtyard.

The focal point of the architectural house plan is the central courtyard. The central lawn was planned open to sky allowing the bright sunlight entering the living space and making it much more lively. As architectural designers, Deepak+ Kavita Design Studio planned triple height central courtyard and the living, in order to give volume to the space. This provides uninterrupted views of the living and the central courtyard from all floors of the house and at the same time facilitates clear communication between the members. The architecture of the house depicts a free-flow of spaces into one another and in-and-out of nature. Inside, an open living dining and kitchen was planned which looks across the central lawn. The bedroom on the 2nd floor looks through the personal lawn created exclusively for the room and the central lawn, which is another highlight of the house.

As far as the Interior Design of the house is concerned, Deepak + Kavita Design Studio, planned an interior space and furniture pieces to be modern, simple, fuss-free, and at the same time looking effortless, emphasizing the architectural beauty. Since the architecture plan of the house was strong enough to give it a standout of all look, the interior design was planned minimalistic completing the spaces. The dining space runs through the kitchen platform overlooking the living and the central courtyard. Living space was highlighted with a triple height 20 feet long chandelier which complements the interior design. Drawing room interior was kept on contemporary white tones with a pop off chair and console colour. The interior design of the staircase railing involves a concealed light to accentuate the staircase wall in a schematic manner.

The elegance of the architectural and interior design of this home lies in its simplicity and signification to nature within the house space. The freedom we had while designing was liberating. The entire process in designing and building this humble home has re-instilled in us an unabashed design philosophy.

As Architects and Interior Designers, we put in continuous efforts to practically improve the lifestyles of people through designing spaces, that is unique, practical and pleasurable, by fighting our way around it.


16 months