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Deepak + Kavita Design Studio

Deepak Mukati, Kavita Mukati

This 800 square feet architects studio situated in Indore’s commercial multi-storey building in a posh area of Vijay Nagar is a perfect example of monochrome minimalism. This office space has been deliberately crafted by putting a fresh spin on the Memphis Design aesthetics. We planned a design concept that is far from the typical interior design idea that uses multi colour palatte, diverse shapes, woods and textures. We decided to style an office space characterised by simplicity, functional furnitures, and a monochrome white palette with blue colour used as an accent, because we wanted to add hints of one bright colour yet maintain the subtle, neutral elegance of minimalistic design. Memphis design theme in this project has been reinvented by repetitive use of rounded edges and curves accompanied with unorthodox combinations of blue and white replacing the trademark stark black-and-white. We ideated a monochrome palette to make the space look wide, bright, and airy that improves office workers’ ability to focus, and be productive and creative.

We conceived a contemporary decor scheme rooted in warmth and vibrancy, with white walls put-together with blue floor and ceiling. Entire office floor features cast in-situ blue terrazzo flooring. The blue ceiling and floor anchors the surrounding white walls and furniture, pulling them into a cohesive composition. White walls and furniture gives the space a tranquil feel and creates an infinity effect. Bespoke Profile lights planned in the workspace leads an entrant into 3 different paths; the master cabin, workstation, and the pantry. Curved fluted wall panels on the workstation and pantry walls, gives the space a clean, fresh look complementing the theme. The walk-in-passage to the master cabin showcases live 3D models of on-going projects along with their floor plans that add an element of intrigue for visitors, giving them a vision on the type of work we deliver.

Tailor-made concave convex edge ceiling in the waiting lounge adds a charm to the ambience giving a room for guests to admire. Embroidered couch and hand painted wall art on the world architecture collectively makes the area an immaculate, modest masterpiece. The use of frosted fluted glass partitions on either sides of the lounge enhances the space, making it look seamless and bigger.

As one enters the master cabin, they witness a spectacular view to the busy city from the infinite glass walls. The S-curved custom-made false ceiling gives the cabin a picturesque frame. Visitors are greeted by a wall fitted with an interesting installation of custom art piece in white, modeled in clay by a local artist. The wall opposite to the director chair showcases a live material board of the office design plan including all finishing materials used in the office interiors.

A well-lit and redefined commercial space with subtle tones amalgamates into a glorious minimalistic interiors, that fosters a positive atmosphere and improves working practices. 




Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India