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Contemporary interiors with a colour twist

The client who is an advocate approached us with the requirement of a very simple and elegant design which offers a simple lifestyle for the couple. The house is spread across a plot size of 2500 square feet which was in a linear shape. The client’s requirement was a 3 BHK house with all the amenities.

Overall the house is designed under two heads public spaces and private spaces. The transition of these two areas is been played by a courtyard temple which also breaks the monotony of the linear plot shape. It is our strong belief that nature should be a part of one’s activities. The entry passage leads to the double-height living room with accent walls followed by the courtyard, kitchen and private bedroom spaces. The central courtyard welcomes the morning sun which penetrates the living room creating checked patterns on the living walls.

This house is ornamented delicately with minimal use of furniture and art effects. The material palette is kept subtle with some pop colours in the interior space. Living walls are accentuated with a designer sheet on one wall and a gold metal strip on the rest of the walls creating patterns in straight lines. A designer sofa along with 2 accent chairs in pops of wine creates drama in the entire living space. The kitchen space has been planned with a centre island that facilitates better communication between the living, dining and other spaces. A mint green colour has deliberately been planned in the kitchen to give it an earthen texture that blends with the courtyard. The bedrooms have been planned with a dominant pop colour contrasting it with plain neutral wall tones.

Overall the house offers contemporary interiors with a colour twist which seems a delight to see. In all, the house stands with the right stroke of ultra-modern design and creates a beautiful and rhythmic substance inhabitable with comfort and luxury.


1.5 Years